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My 18 books on Bhagat Singh and other revolutionaries and 96 lectures delivered on Bhagat Singh world over

Medha Books Delhi have just come out with paperback edition of my 2009 published hard bound book in Hindi-'Bhagat Singh', which was released by late Prof. G S Bhalla in JNU, New Delhi on 23rd March 2009. Title page and contents of the book are given here and so are the titles and list of other books with details.


This is my latest publication of Documents of Bhagat Singh in Urdu. In 2007, during birth centenary year of Bhagat Singh, Govt. of India for the first time published complete writings of Bhagat Singh, available by then in Hindi. The book was released by Kuldip Nayar in presence of two nephew of Bhagat Singh-Kiranjit Singh Sandhu and Abhey Singh Sandhu. Then it included 100 documents of Bhagat Singh. However after Supreme Court of India's exhibition-The Trial of Bhagat Singh in year 2008, this editor was provided a digital copy of that exhibition, which had a surprise. It included ten new completely unknown letters of Bhagat Singh with British judicial and administrative authorities. For the first time The Hindu published these letters in its issue of 15th August 2011. These letters also brought to light the third unknown hunger strike of Bhagat Singh in jail for three weeks or so. With the addition of these documents now in Urdu version, it has become the most comprehensive collection of Bhagat Singh's writings. Interestingly the first available document of Bhagat Singh is in Urdu- a letter to his grandfather Arjan Singh, displayed on the back cover of this book. This book is particularly important for admirers of Bhagat Singh in Pakistan, who consider Bhagat Singh to be their son and martyr. In any case he is common legacy of both countries and along with Tipu Sultan, a common cultural bridge also between two nations and its peoples! Prior to this publication-Bhagat Singh ke Syasi Dastavez was also published in Urdu by National Book Trust of India, New Delhi, which included his selected fifty documents in Urdu.
           With this publication of available complete documents of Bhagat Singh in Urdu, three languages have now got Bhagat Singh's writings in full or near full, whereas Punjabi, English, Telugu and Bengali have partial publication of documents. Wish and hope that all Indian languages get Bhagat Singh's writings published in full, as of Mahatma Gandhi,  Jawaharlal Nehru, Subhash Bose and Dr. Ambedkar-the most popular icons of Indian freedom struggle!

Complete list of my books on Bhagat Singh and other revolutionaries, whose titles are given here:

This is the title of my new book on Bhagat Singh and Indian revolutionaries, available in World Book Fair at Samvad Prakashan small stall. Some friends have been asking for my books on Bhagat Singh and other revolutionaries and how and where these could be got. I have posted the list earlier also, shall repeat now with publishers names. Many of these may be found in World Book Fair itself, some may be available through Flipkart/Amazon like on line purchase, some publishers have direct online sal also.The list is:
On Bhagat Singh & other revolutionaries
1. Bhagat Singh Aur Unke Sathiyon Ke Dastavej (Co- edited) (Hindi) 1986/87, Rajkamal Prakashan New Delhi(Online)
( Preface by Shiv Verma, close associate of Bhagat Singh )
2. Bhagat Singh Ke Sampooran Dastavej (Edited) (Hindi) 2004 ,Aadhar Prakashan Panchkula(Online)
( Preface by Bhagat Singh’s younger brother Kultar Singh)
3. Bhagat Singh ke Rajnitik Dastavez (Edited), National Book Trust, New Delhi (Hindi) 2007(Online)
4. Shaheed Bhagat Singh: Dastavezon ke Aiane Mein (Edited) (Hindi) 2007(Online)
(Published by Govt. of India Publication Division, Lodhi Road, New Delhi)
5 Jail Note book and Other Writings-Bhagat Singh (Compiled and Introduction) (English) 2007, LeftWord Publications, New Delhi(Online)
6. Bhagat Singh:Vicharvan Inqlabi, (Punjabi), Navyug Press, New Delhi, 2009
7. Bhagat Singh, Medha publications Delhi, 2009 (World Book Fair) paperback ed.-2015
8.. Bhagat Singh:Sampuran Vangmay(Edited) (Marathi ) 2007, Diamond Publications, Mumbai
(Preface by Justice P.B. Sawant, retired Supreme Court Judge)
9. Ghadar Party Nayak-Kartar Singh Sarabha (Hindi) 2007, National Book Trust, New Delhi(Online-World Book fair)
10. Ghadar party Naik Kartar Singh Sarabha (Punjabi), NBT, New Delhi, 2008-same
11. Ghadar Party Hero: Kartar Singh Sarabha (English), NBT, New Delhi, 2011-same
12. Inqlabi Itihas De Sunehari Panne (History) (Punjabi) 2005, Tarak Bharti Prakashan Barnala
13.’Krantiveer Bhagat Singh:Abhyuodey aur Bhavishya’ (Edited), Lokbharti Allahabad,New Delhi 2012(Online from Rajhkamal, New Delhi-World Book Fair)
14. Understanding Bhagat Singh( English) , Aakar Books, Delhi, 2013(online-World Book Fair)
15. Bhagat Singh ke Durlabh Dastavez aur Kranti ka Barahmasa, Samvad Prakashan Merrut, 2014-(World Book Fair)
16.Bhagat Singh de Syasi Dastavez(ed.)-Punjabi,NBT,New Delhi-online-world book fair
17.Bhagat singh ke Syasi Dastavez(ed.)_Urdu, NBT,New Delhi-online-World book fair,new delhi till 23rd February
18. Shahid Bhagat Singh:Dastavezon ke Aaine Men(Urdu), Publication Division, Govt. Of India, New Delhi, 2014

            List of lectures delivered by me on Bhagat Singh
          Special lectures/interviews on Bhagat Singh delivered by Prof. Chaman Lal during 2006-15, all over the country and abroad.

Delivered more than fifty special lectures on Bhagat Singh,during 2006-11, all over the country and abroad:
1.     28th September,2006( Beginning of birth centenary), Aarah(Bihar)
2.    29th September, 2006                    Patna
3.    23rd October 2006                         Rohtak(Haryana)
4.    7th November 2006                        Indore(M.P)
5.    8th November                                   -do-
6.    23rd December 2006                      Ranchi(Jharkhand)
 7.   24th December                                  Ranchi University
 8.   10 February, 2007                          Mumbai
 9.   11 February                                       -do-
 10.  18th February,2007                      Kashi Vidyapeeth,Benaras
 11.   19th February                                   BHU, Varanasi
 12.   24 February,2007                       Thanjavur(Tamilnadu)
 13.   23rd March,2007(Martyrdom day)Bhagat Singh College, New Delhi
 14.   23rd March                                 IIC ,New Delhi(NBT Book Release function)
 15.   29th March, 2007, Valedictory address at national seminar on Bhagat Singh at Mumbai University, Mumbai
16 14th April, 2007,      South Asia Centre  Lahore
 16.   11th August, 2007              Shaheed smark and research centre, Lucknow
 17.   7th September, 2007                Merchant Chamber Hall, Kanpur
 18.   25th September, 2007        Presentation at GNDU, Amritsar
 19.   26th September, 2007     Presentation at Punjabi Univerity,Patiala
 20.   28th September, 2007 Presented paper at ICHR Bhagat Singh seminar at
 21.    29th September, 2007   chaired one session at P.U. Chandigarh seminar.
 22.     4th October, 2007       Delivered lecture at Sree Krishan Hall Patna.
 23.    22 October, 2007   Presented paper in Punjabi University, Patiala
 24.    17 November, 2007 Delivered lecture at T.D.College Jaunpur(U.P)
 25. 30th December, 2007 Delivered lecture at Hindi Sahitya Sammelan,Bhopal
 26. 17th February, 2008 Delivered lecture at Night College, Ichhal Karanji (Maharashtara)
 27. 18th February, 2008 Delivered presidential address at Undale (Karad) in Maharashtra in freedom fighters meet
 28. 21st February, 2008, Paper presented on ‘The Idea of Freedom in Bhagat Singh’s Writings’ at national seminar in P.U. Chandigarh.
 29.  23rd March, 2008, Delivered book release address to police recruits at Paash Library, Karnal (Haryana)
 30.  26th March, 2008, delivered keynote address at a national seminar on Bhagat Singh at Pune University, organized by Dr. Ambedkar Chair
31. 15th April, 2008, Organized discussion on ‘1857&Bhagat Singh in context of Indian freedom struggle’ at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi
32. 28th September, 2008, Delivered lecture as special guest at Bhagat Singh centenary day at Gohana (Haryana)
33. 28th September, 2008, One hour long interview on Bhagat Singh broadcasted by Radio Punjabi Canada
34. 18th October, 2008, Presidential remarks in seminar on Bhagat Singh in Khalsa College for Women, Amritsar (Punjab)
35. 24th October, 2008, presented paper on “Two epics on National hero Bhagat Singh’, in International Workshop on Vietnamese Epic held at Buon Ma Thout city of Vietnam
36.3rd March, 2009, Delivered special lecture on ‘Bhagat Singh:The Hero of the Youth’, at University of Mauritius.
37.23rd March, 2009, delivered lecture in a seminar of ‘Contestations of Bhagat Singh’ at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.
38.24th March, 2009, Two hour long interview and audience interaction by Punjabi Radio Edmonton (Canada)
39. 12 December, 2009, delivered lecture at book release on Bhagat Singh at Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi
40.29th March, 2010, presentation ‘Inqlab zindabad:Remembering Bhagat Singh’ at Indian Institute of advanced Study Shimla
41. 16th June, 2010, Lecture ‘On Relevance of Bhagat Singh for Youth’, Devria(U.P.)
42.26th September, 2010, Interview on Bhagat Singh birth day on Zee Punjabi television
43. 20th March, 2011, Lecture on Bhagat Singh at Gurdwara Tuna Puna                 
44. 7th April, 2011, Lecture ‘Remembering Bhagat Singh’ at The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine campus, Trinidad & Tobago.
45. 13th May, 2011, Lecture Bhagat Singh for Today at Edmonton (Canada)
46. 15th May, 2011, Lecture Bhagat Singh and Dalits, Chetna forum, Vancouver (Canada)
47. 16th May, 2011, an hour long interview on Bhagat Singh by web magazine ‘Punjabi Kalma’ at Vancouver (Canada)
48. 18th May, 2011, Lecture on ‘Political Thought of Bhagat Singh’ at Café Kathmandu, Vancouver (Canada)
49. 13th July, 2011, Lecture on Bhagat Singh in Sanmukh programme at Sydney (Australia)
50. 13th July, 2011, Interview on Bhagat Singh by Australian Punjabi Television at Sydney (Australia)
51. Lecture on ‘Che Guevara and Bhagat Singh’ at Taraksheel society function at Toronto-Canada on 2nd January, 2012
52. Lecture on ‘Bhagat Singh in Pakistan’ at Punjabi writers meet at Toronto-Canada, 5th January, 2012
53. Lecture on Bhagat Singh as revolutionary ideologue at Bhagat Singh library, Navalgarh (Rajasthan) on 23rd March, 2012
54. Lecture as special guest on Bhagat Singh as Journalist at Ratlam (MP) on 8th April, 2012
55. Introduced Krativeer Bhagat Singh-at book release at JNU, New Delhi on 24th August 2012
56. Lecture on ‘Bhagat Singh as role model for youth’ organized by Shivaji college at Delhi University campus on 23rd March 2013
57. Lecture on Bhagat Singh at Ghaziabad on a function by Subhash Bose-Bhagat Singh youth organization on 23rd March 2013.
58. Lecture on Bhagat Singh at Punjab Government function on Bhagat Singh youth awards on 28th March 2013 at Shivalik Public school, Mohali.
59. Lecture on Bhagat Singh thought at Sardar Bhagat Singh shaheed smark Agra to commemorate Thakur Ram Singh 103rd birth anniversary on 11th April 2013
60. Introduced book ‘Understanding Bhagat Singh’ at release function in JNU, New Delhi on 3rd May 2013
61. Lecture on book discussion ‘Krantiveer Bhagat Singh…. At Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University regional centre Allahabad on 27th July, 2013
62. Lecture on Relevance of Bhagat Singh ideas at Bhagat Singh Vichar Manch function on 28th September, 2013, birth anniversary at Nagpur.
63. Lecture on Durga Bhabhi and Bhagat Singh on 10th October 2013 at Lucknow University, Lucknow organized by AISA-student body
64. Presented paper at Kolkata University Kolkata on ‘From Kartar Singh Sarabha to Bhgat Singh-Ideological development of revolutionary movement’, organized by History dept. on Ghadar Centenary on 7th February, 2014.
65. Presented paper at Panjab Univesity Chandigarh on 8th March, 2014 on Bhagat Singh’s writings in Chand and Kirti, on Ghadar party centenary seminar.
66. Delivered speech at Ferozeshah Kotla grounds Delhi march on workers on 23rd March 2014.
67. Delivered lecture on Relevance of Bhagat Singh at Central University of Punjab (CUP), Bathinda students function on martyrdom day-25 March 2014
68. Delivered lecture on Bhagat Singh as young man at Giani Zail Singh Engineering College, Bathinda function on 25th March, 2014
69. Delivered lecture on Bhagat Singh birth anniversary at Panjab University Regional Centre Mukatsar on 24th September 2014
70. Delivered lecture on Bhagat Singh’s legal knowledge at District Courts bar hall Patiala on 26th September 2014
71. Lecture on Bhagat Singh’s ideas at Punjabi University TPD Malwa College, Rampura Phul (Bathinda) on 13 October 2014
72. Lecture on Bhagat Singh legacy in freedom struggle at Punjabi University College Ghudda on 5th November 2014
73. Spoke on Bhagat Singh ideas at panel on Reinventing Heritage at Chandigarh-Literati-2014 at Lake Club Chandigarh on 8th November 2014
74. Lecture on Ghadar party/Kartar Singh Sarabha legacy and Bhagat Singh Thought at Govt. senior secondary school, Dabwali on 23rd November 2014.
75. Lecture on Remembering Bhagat Singh at Central University of Tamilnadu (CUTN) on 6th March 2015
76. Lecture on ‘Understanding Bhagat Singh’ at Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Madras on 7th March 2015.
77) Lecture at Relevance of Bhagat Singh Thought at Desh Bhagat Committee meeting Longowal on 15th March 2015
78) Annual Bhagat Singh memorial Lecture on Bhagat Singh’s Understanding of Law at Panjab University Chandigarh on 16th March 2015
79. Lecture at Bhagat Singh study circle organized meeting on Bhagat Singh idea of Independent India at Bangalore on 22nd March 2015
80) Lecture of Bhagat Singh life and ideas at Aziz Premji University Bangalore on 23rd March 2015
81) Recording on Bhagat Singh martyrdom day by Radio Spice Vancouver on 20th March 2015
82) Recording by BBC Hindi service for Bhagat Singh martyrdom day on 22nd March 2015
83) Recording by Radio Spice Vancouver for 8th April 2015 Delhi Bomb case.
84). Lecture delivered at DAV College hostel Kanpur on 10th May 2015 on book release-‘Kalam, Kranti, Kanpur and Bhagat Singh’.

                          Earlier Lectures on Bhagat Singh(1989-2006)
1.) Delivered lecture on Bhagat Singh at Rohtak on 23rd March 1988
2).Delivered two lectures in February 1989 on Bhagat Singh and Paash at   
 3) Delivered lecture on Bhagat Singh's thought at Punjabi University, Patiala on     
                23rd March, 1994.
 4) Delivered lecture on Bhagat Singh and Paash (Hindi) at Paash Library Karnal  
                on 23.3.1996.
 5) Delivered lecture at Panjab University Chandigarh in Sociology Dept. hall in May 1997
6) Delivered lecture on Bhagat Singh and Pash at Pash library Karnal on 23rd March 1998
  7) Delivered lecture on Bhagat Singh's Jail note book (Panjabi) at Moga on   
                 7.5.2000 (Honored on the occasion)
  8) Delivered lecture on 'Secular tradition of Bhagat Singh' at Karnal on
   9) Presided over and delivered lecture at a function in memory of Shaheed              
                Bhagat Singh at Yamunanagar on 24.3.2002.
   10) Delivered Lecture on Bhagat Singh ona29/9/05 at Tapti Hostel,JNU.
   11) Delivered lecture on ‘Relevance of Bhagat Singh’ on 23rd March,2006 at Gandhi   
                       Peace Foundation, New Delhi.
   12) Telecast of one hour discussion on Bhagat Singh on DD News with Prof. Bipan, myself and more on 23rd March 2006

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