Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Bhagat Singh Execution controversy

Those nonsensical Sanghis who are stupidly or mischievously trying to make 14th February 1931 as Bhagat Singh execution or sentence date-they should first check facts!
May be ABP channel at 8.30 pm focus on few of these facts!
Dateline-Lahore Conspiracy Case and Bhagat Singh execution orders-
1.Saunders assassination in Lahore-17th December 1928
2. Bhagat Singh arrest-8th April 1929 at Delhi Central assembly after bomb thrown
3.June 1929-Convicted in Delhi Bomb case-life sentence, sent to Punjab jails.
4.10th July 1929-brought on stretcher to Rai Sahib Kishan Das court for Lahore conspiracy case-being on hunger strike since 15th June
5. Hunger strike in Lahore jail till 4th October 1929.Two more hunger strikes of fifteen days each
6.Tribunal to hear Lahore conspiracy case through Lord Irwin ordinance 1st May 1930
7. Boycott of Tribunal by Bhagat Singh and comrades.
8.Tribunal Judgement-7th October 1930-to be hanged on 27th October.
9. Appeal to Privy Council-Bhagat Singh defense committee
10. Motilal Nehru before his death on 6th February makes it sure appeal in Privy Council taken seriously
11. 11th February 1931-Privy council 5 member board headed by Vicsconsin Dundedin hears the arguments of Bhagat Singh lawyer D.N Pritt and dismisses the appeal same day. Dinshaw Mulla Indian member of privy council board makes no protest or dissent
12. Gopi Chand Bhargav-Punjab Congress leader and later CM of Punjab, Lal Duni Chand, Amolak Ram Kapoor, Prannath Mehta. Asif Ali, Jeevan Lal Kapoor-later Supreme Court judge-Lawyers fighting Bhagat Singh case.
13. Last attempt-two petitions in Punjab High Court Lahore on 21st March after execution orders for 24th March issued.
14. Both petitions heard and dismissed by Lord Broadway and Justice Bhide on 23rd March at 3 pm.
15. 23rd March- Execution of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev at Lahore jail between 7 pm and 7.33 pm-12 hours before due date-24th March at morning
Source-The Trial of Bhagat Singh, Oxford University Press, New Delhi