Tuesday, 17 July 2012

My new Book on Bhagat Singh

  • SSS-1 Auditorium, JNU, New Delhi
  • On the occasion of birthday of Shaheed Rajguru-Discussion on 'Freedom Struggle and role of Hindi Press'
    Kuldip Nayar to release the book, edited by Chaman Lal. Vice Chancellor S.K.Sopory to Preside over. Discussion participants-D P Tripathy, Manager Pandey, Anil Chamria, Om Thanvi, Pankaj Bishat, Anand Pradhan, Maninder Thakur
    Earlier publications of author/editor on Bhagat Singh:
    1. Bhagat Singh aur unke sathiyon ke Dastavez(Co-editor), 1986-Hard bound/paperback with multiple editions.
    2.Bhagat Singh ke S
    ampuran Dastavez(Complete Documents of Bhagat Singh)-Edited with Bhagat Singh brother Kultar Singh Introduction, 2004
    3. Shaheed Bhagat Singh;Dastavezon ke Aaine Men, 2007
    4. Bhagat Singh ke Rajnitik Dastavez, 2007
    5. Bhagat Singh, 2009(All Hindi)
    6. Bhagat Singh:Vicharva Inqlabi(Punjabi), 2009
    7.Bhagat Singh de Syasi Dastavez(Punjabi), 2011
    8. Bhagat Singh ke Syasi Dastavez(Urdu), 2010
    9. Shaheed Bhagat Singh:Samagr Vangmay(Marathi), 2007
    10.Jail Note Book and Other Writings(Compiled-Introduction) (English), 2007
    11. Jail Notebook ani anya Lekhan:Bhagat Singh(Bengali Translation), 2012
    Present book is 12th book and expected 13th is 'Understanding Bhagat Singh' in English in October, 2012