Thursday, 1 July 2010

Some English books on Kartar Singh Sarabha and Ghadar party

This is part of bibliography of my monograph on Kartar Singh Sarabha, published by National Book Trust of India, New Delhi in Hindi and Punjabi and likely to come soon in English.List of Hindi and Punjabi books could not be visible,so I had to remove the list

English Books:

1. G. C. Ismonger and J. Slattery, ‘An Account of the Ghadar Conspiracy’, Archna Prakashan, Meerut, 1998

2. L. B. Mathur, ‘Indian Revolutionaries in the USA’, S. Chand & Co., 1970

3. Malini Sood, ‘Ghadar Party in North America’, Garland Publisher, New York, 2000

4. Dharam Vir, ‘Lal (Lala) Hardyal and the Review of his Times’, Indian Book Company, New Delhi, 1970

5. Emily C. Brown, ‘Hardyal : Hindu Revolutionary & Rationalist’, Manohar, Delhi. 1975

6. Jaswant & Shubh Pal, ‘Hardyal’, Rolli Books, Delhi, 2005

7. Sohan Singh Josh, ‘Hindustan Ghadar party: A Short History’, (2 vols.) P. P. H., Delhi 1976/78

8. Sohan Singh Josh, ‘Tragedy of Kamagatamaru’, P.P.H., Delhi, 1975.

9. Arun Kumar Bose, ‘Indian Revolutionaries Abroad’, Bharti Bhawan, Patna, 1971

10. Tilak Raj Sareen, ‘Indian Revolutionaries Abroad’, Sterling, Delhi 1979

11. Tilak Raj Sareen, ‘Selected Documents of the Ghadar Party’, Mounto, Delhi, 1969

12. G. S. Deol, ‘The Role of Ghadar Party in the National Movement’, Sterling, Delhi, 1969

13. A. B. Ganguly, ‘Ghadar Revolution in America’, Metropolitan Books, Delhi, 1980

14. Khushwant Singh & Satindra Singh, ‘Ghadar 1915 : Indian’s First armed Revolution’, R. K. Publishing, Delhi, 1966

15. H. K. Puri, ‘Ghadar Movement’, G.N.D. University Press, Amritsar.

16. R.A. Ulyanovsky (ed), ‘Revolutionaries of India in Soviet Union’, Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1973/83

17. Lord Hardinge, ‘My Indian Years’ (1910-16), London, 1948.

18. Michael O’Dwyer, ‘Indian As I Knew it’, London, 1925

19. J.M. Carr, ‘Political Trouble in India (1907-17)’, GOI, Oriental Publishers, Delhi, 1973

20. H. W. Hale, ‘Terrorism in India’ (1917-36), GOI, Delhi, 1974

21. Teggart, ‘Terrorism in India’, GOI, Delhi, 1932

22. GOI, ‘The Ghadar Directory 1917’, GOI, Delhi, 1917

23. GOI, (P.U., Patiala), ‘The Ghadar Directory 1934’, GOI, Delhi, 1934

24. M.S. Waraich/Harinder Singh, ‘War Against King Emperor “ Ghadar of 1914-15’, Bhai Randhir Singh Trust Ludhiana, 2001.

25. M.S. Waraich/GS Sidhu, ‘Komagtamaru: (Documents)’, Uni Star, Chandigarh, 2005

26. N. Gerald Barrier, ‘Banned Controversial Literature (1907-47)’, Manohar, Delhi, 1976

27. G. S. Muhay, ‘A Zeal for Martyrdom (Kartar Singh Sarabha)’, Lahore Book Shop, Ludhiana, 2005

28. P. B. Sinha, ‘Indian National Liberation Movement & Russia’, Sterling, Delhi, 1975

29. M. N. Roy, ‘Memoires’, Allied Bombay, 1964

30. Hardas Bal Shastri, ‘Armed Struggle for Freedom’, Kal Prakashan, Pune, 1958

31. Kalyan Kumar Bannerjee, ‘Indian Freedom Revolutionaries in America’, Jijnasa, Kolkata, 1969

32. Raja Mahendra Pratap, ‘My Life Story of 55 years’, 1947

33. S.A. Waiz (ed), ‘Indians Abroad’ (Documents), Bombay, 1927

34. Nahar Singh & Kirpal Singh, ‘Struggle for Free Hindustan’ (Ghadar Movement in 3 vols.), Atlantic/Nirmal 1986, Delhi, 1988

35. Darshan S. Tatla, ‘Ghadar Movement: A Guide to Sources’, GND University, Amritsar, 2003

36. Mark Juergensmeyer, ‘The Ghadar Syndrome : Ethnic Anger & National Pride’, ‘Population Studies’ 1981

37. Juergensmeyer/Barrier, ‘Sikh Studies’, Berkely, 1979

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