Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Bhagat Singh Ke Syasi Dastavez-Urdu

It is one of the happiest days of life.My long awaited book from National Book Trust of India,New Delhi-'Bhagat Singh ke Syasi Dastavez' in Urdu translation has come out.I was most keen to get this book in Urdu,translated from my original Hindi book to publish soon.It came after three year of its Hindi publication.One of my friends in Kolkata was so much annoyed with NBT that why they are not publishing Bhagat Singh's 'Why I am an Atheist,with introduction by Prof. Bipan Chandra,eminent historian of modern India and current Chairman of National Book Trust of India.He was thinking that its Urdu publication was being avoided to appease minority religious fundamentalists, who would be potential readers of the book.I used to assure him that it was not deliberate delay,it was just procedural and nothing more should be seen in it.Now this book with my editing and introduction contains not only 'Why I am an Atheis',but most of Bhagat Singh's other major writings,around fifty, along with about thirty pages from his 'Jail Notebook' in English,which contains a plan for his new book,are reproduced in this book.I wanted this book to reach my Pakistan friends,many of whom are great admirers of Bhagat Singh.In fact the younger generation in Pakistan is curious to know about Bhagat Singh and Che Guvera and they are fascinated by their images.Hope this book shall be able to satisfy their curiosity and help them to understand Bhagat Singh better as a mature political thinker of South Asia.


waqarpirooz said...

dear sir
from where and how i can get bhagat singh kie syasi dastavez urdu.I am from pakistan and your greatadmirer

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

Sir I am in UK and I would like to get hold of some books..

my email is mannbik@gmail.com

I would be oblidged to get this information.. thank you

waqarpirooz said...

Dear Chaman lal ji
thank u for sending me the book along with catalouge of national book trust india,also thanks to your hospitality to my cousin lucky who met you to collect this book. it is a great work, you make bhagat singh alive with your work.