Friday, 8 January 2010

Bradlagh Hall Lahore save campaign

Bradlaugh Hall was found out with much difficulty by me and Zubair in April 2007,everyone seems to have forgotten about this historic bulding after 1947,which is in diloapidated condition.Its outside appearance still seems to be grand but from inside it is in bad shape.The place which was locating National College during 1922-1926,where Bhagat Singh was a student,now locates some small technical training kind of institute,that too not well maintained.Surroundings are also not conducive even to reach the place.The Hall was constructed in honor of Charles Bradlaugh, Labour party member of British parliament, a socialist,who supported freedom struggle of India at that time.The condition of the building should make Pakistani and Indian peace and freedom loving activists and Pakistani aestheticians to come out in support of making it internationally protected heritage building.I wrote to President and Prime Minister of India during BHagat Singh centenary year(2007) to approach Pakistan Govt. to declare it heritage building and bring it under at least archeology deptt. of Pakistan Govt.,but as usual,when the Presidents/Prime Ministers have time for such aesthetic/cultural issues? Hope Indo-Paki peace meet in IIC Delhi on 10-12 January will take note of it and also National School of Art like important institutions of Lahore will pay attention to make awareness campaign to protect and preserve this historic politic-cultural-aesthetic building,which could be one of bridges of friendship and peace between Indian and Pakistani people


Arasu Balraj said...

Great Sir! Pls continue your good work.


Pl allow me to use this picture in Bhagat Singh chapter, regrds, shivnath