Sunday, 24 January 2010

Bhagat Singh playmate passes away in Lyallpur

Abdul Haque, a childhood playmate of Bhagat Singh in Chak no. 105,distt.Lyallpur,now Faislabad in Pakistan passed away last week.He was nearly 105 years old.Shehzad Aalm of Sanjhey Lok phoned today and gave this sad news.I was looking for his photograph,which he promised to send.He told that a video has already been made on him and I hope that shall also be available in some time. Last year Shehzad sent me photographs of Primary school of Bhagat Singh, also photographs of his birth house,which I also clicked in April 2007.Shehzad told about one Mai of nearby village,where Bhagat Singh used to take shelter in his underground days,about which no body talked about earlier.Mai also has passed away,I have requested the photographs of that house and also pictures of that family. Some photographs sent by Shehzad last year,now attached above-Primary school of Chak no.105,where Bhagat Singh studied and Beri in his birth house.

            Shehzad also referred to the mangoes in Bhagat Singh family owned 17 acre mango garden. Though he picked mangoes to be sent to India,these got ripe so they had it.Some delegates are likely to visit Lyallpur Khalsa College Jalandhar on 6th February 2010 college function from the area of Bhagat Singh birth place.Bhagat Singh birth area people are planning to hold a function in Bhagat Singh's memory at Faislabad, new name for Lyallpur this year.Lyallpur historian Janab Waqar is also working on Bhagat Singh. Sibte Rizvi's old book in Urdu=Bhagat Singh Aur Unke Sathi- translation of Ajoy Ghosh memoirs of Bhagat Singh with leftist scholar activist Sibte Rizvi's introduction was published in Pakistan in early seventies,its new edition perhaps has come recently.So Bhagat Singh continues to live in the hearts of Pakistani people.People like Farhad Khan has named their lane as 'Bhagat Singh lane'.


sushil said...

i am very proud and happy to see aal that but this is not the india for which they sacrifices thier lifes happyly.. our bloody politicians are using our democracy for thier own shake .. today i feel very shame on indian democracy and politicians one remembers bhagat singh,s idealogies.. even india has started forgetiing his birthday and atleast martyr day .. those people who have only 5% of contribution in indan freedom( like mahatma gandhi ) are much more known because their thinking are in favour of politicians .. ..

long live the revolution (vande maatraam)

Anonymous said...

Bhagat Singh was nor a Pakistani neither a Hindustani, He was a human above all religions and nations.
This is 2014 and even after 100 years, He inspires our lifes till now. He was a true legend , a Hero, who sacrificed his life in his youth.

Shaheedon ki Mazaaron par lagenge har baras mele, watan pe mitne walon ka yahi baki nishaan hoga.

Inquilab Zindabad