Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Khattar/Hindutva insult to Bhagat Singh/Freedom Struggle/Haryana people

Airport of any state is named after most popular hero of that state, who has national or international status , like Netaji Subhas Bose airport Kolkata or B R Ambedkar airport Nagpur or see any other state's airport. Since Chandigarh airport was mainly Punjab airport with Haryana's participation as well. It was but natural to name it on Bhagat Singh's name, who is not only Punjab's, but supreme hero of whole of India rather South Asia. Both Punjab and Haryana governments righ
tly agreed on his name.
Haryana chief minister ML Khattar by withdraawing Bhagat Singh's name has not only insulted Bhagat Singh, he insulted people of Haryana and its freedom fighters as well! He did not care to mention Rao Tula Ram or Sir Chhotu Ram-two major freedom fighters. Even Ch. Devi Lal, Mool Chand Jain, Banarsi Das Gupta,Ranbir Singh Hooda, Balwant Rai Tayal and many more freedom fighters of Haryana have suffered jails during British colonial regime, but Khattar wants only fellow RSS Prachark Mangal Sen, whose name finds no mention anywhere in freedom struggle! Not only Mangal Sen, he can not find even his biggest bosses in RSS/Hindutva in freedom fighters list-be it Golwalkar, Deoras or any other. Many of his Hindutva ideals were touting and seeking forgiveness from British masters like Veer Savarkar, an accused in Mahatma Gandhi assassination case and acquitted only due to evidence not properly proved in court. He was not given clean chit by the court, yet Andamans airport at Port Blair is named after him. Not only that Martyrs Park in front of Andamans Jail, which has statues of freedom fighter martyrs, mostly revolutionaries, who died inside Andamans jail by observing hunger strikes, carries Savarkar statue, without dyeing in Andamans jail, rather coming out of jail after repeated apologies rendered to British masters! Previous NDA government even put his portrait in portrait gallery of Parliament, whereas none of the revolutionary freedom fighter including supreme hero Bhagat Singh's portrait finds any place in Parliament portrait gallery. Parliament portrait gallery is important, as on birthday or death anniversary of any freedom fighter President, Prime Minister and other leaders line up to pay floral tributes to those personalities, but neither Congress party nor BJP wants to pay floral tributes to Bhagat Singh and revolutionaries, so their portraits are kept out deliberately from Parliament's portrait gallery! Khattar's insult to Bhagat Singh is just logical continuation of their hidden and now open mindset, which tries to be-fool people by eulogizing the revolutionaries sacrifices hypocritically, but in reality, have only contempt for them in their minds!

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