Thursday, 1 October 2015

Bhagat Singh birth anniversary-Two functions-100th Lecture

I participated in three different functions to mark Bhagat Singh birth anniversary this year. Two in Delhi and third in Chandigarh. On 27th September attended seminar organised by 'Nagrik' fortnightly on the theme of 'Hindu Fascism and Media' to mark Bhagat Singh anniversary. Apart rom others Hindi poet Neelabh, Vishnu Nagar, Journalist Panini Anand, Pankaj Bishat editor Samyantar and some trade union leaders/activists spoke. I was also invited to speak on the occasion. I suggested not to use term 'Hindu Fascism' and replace it with 'Hindutva fascism' as 'Hindu' being a broad term and not all Hindus are fascist. Rather majority of Hindus in general, even when religious faithful are peace loving, so are majority people from other religions. It is only a fringe among most of the religions who create trouble in the name of religion. Among Hindus, this fringe is known as 'Hindutva' brand of RSS-VHP-Bajrang Dal-Sanatan Sanstha etc. family, among Sikhs they are 'Khalistanis', among Muslims they are 'Jehadis' of different hues, but large majority among all these three major religions of India are peace loving and wish for social harmony and believe in Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb-multi-culturalism of Indian society. Prof. Joga Virk of Punjabi University Patiala also supported me on this.
28th September-Shaheed Bhagat Singh College Delhi function photo albums are shared separately, here the third and last function photographs, held at DAV College Chandigarh on 30th September with my lecture on 'Hamara Samay aur BhagatKiranjeet NephewOf Bhagat Singh are included. Function was very good and students liked it so much that they wished to get clicked with me in groups. Incidentally it was my 100th lecture on Bhagat Singh from 1988 till 2015, whose record I have!

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