Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Tributes to Mangal Pandey-Martyred 8th April 1857

                         My salute to Mangal Pandey!
In 2010, on a visit to Kolkata for a seminar, I was able to visit Barrackpur-the sight of revolt by Mangal Pandey-the Sepoy of Bengal regiment who fired at British colonial officers on 29th March 1857 to protest against mistreatment to Indian soldiers and hurting their religious faith. After a summary trial , he was put to death on 8th April 1857-the day chosen by Bhagat Singh&B K Dutt to warn British colonialism 72 years later in 1929-To Make the Deaf Hear! by throwing harmless bombs tin Central Assembly(Today's Parliament) against two anti people bills-Public Safety Bill and Trade Dispute Bill-the details given in my article posted earlier. Today,even much anti people bill against peasants of the country-Land Acquisition bill is pushed in the form of Ordinance repeatedly, an act worse than British colonial rulers! And who will make these much more deaf 'Kale Angrez' hear, in the words of Bhagat Singh?! Their remote is in the hands of Corporates-Indian and foreign both!
I visited the place along with renowned Hindi writer Asghar Wazahat and Hindi lecturer in Kolkata college Comrade Ashok Singh. It was the place where Mangal Pandey was tried and hanged, now a park-Mangal Pandey Park has come up there. Barrackpur is part of Kolkata!

   Aamir Khan made a powerful film on Mangal Pandey in 2005, directed by Ketan Mehta:

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