Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Message from Guyana President Donald Ramotar on Bhagat Singh birth anniversary

The most pleasant message in response to Bhagat Singh birth anniversary being celebrated in Lahore,received this morning from President of Guyana, Donald Ramoutar made me forget my fever!President Donald is carrying forward the revolutionary Marxist and democratic tradition initiated by Dr. Chedi Jagan, who fought for Guyana's freedom from British colonialism, faced dismissal, later remained President of Guyana for long.Later his wife Dr. Janet Jagan became President. Dr. Jagan had his roots from Bihar in India and his book-'The West on Trial' is considered a Marxist classic. Donald Ramoutar, also ,from Indian ancestral background, worked with both Dr. Jagan's as General Secretary of Progressive People's Party(PPP) of Guyana. I met him in 2011, before his election as President of Guyana, in PPP office, a simple and hard working man. He is an unusual personality that can be known from his message also, that despite holding highest office in his country with lot of problems, he is so sensitive to respond to such mails of greetings on Bhagat Singh birth anniversary. I wish success to President Donald Ramoutar in his efforts to make Guyana, a truly democratic society!

"I wish to congratulate you for the work you are doing to keep the memory of one of India and the world most revolutionary of men.

keep up the good work.

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