Thursday, 6 January 2011

Najam Hussain Syed on Bhagat Singh

Najm Hosain Syed arguably is the best Punjabi writer of the twentieth century poet , critic , playwright teacher, scholar, historian and leader of Punjabi Language Movement. His writings about Punjabi heroes Dullah Bhatti ,Ahmed Khan Kharal (two plays) and about our classic poets , all of whom were revolutionaries Nanak , Shah Hussain , Bulleh ... See moreShah Waris Shah , Sachal Sarmast et al , are a legion . He is a writer who is also a teacher , songwriter and composer par excellence . He is leader of thought in the Leftist and Punjabi Language Movements in Pakistan . Sir, you as language teacher would understand that the class struggle of the people is very closely linked to people,s languages in South Asia . People as varied in life as late Prof Kishen Singh and Punjabi leftist poet Paash Shaheed acknowledged Najm,s contribution .This is a short introduction about Najm Hosain Syed .Those who do not know about him do not know much about the Punjabi language today . Though my father , a leftist/ Congressman taught me about Bhagat Singh as a child , as any Punjabi father should ,it was Najm who introduced me to the historical /real Baghat Singh . Our magazines, best ever in the language , Maan Boli / Pancham , published all the writings of Bhaghat Singh ; that is where I learned about your Historical contribution to Bhagat Singh, life and history writings . Najm Is actively engaged with project Bhagat Singh,s life. And hopefully when we bring the repertoire theater of Najm,s to East Punjab a play about Bhagat Singh will be among them. Here are two of his short poems , first about class consciousness of Bhaghat Singh and one about his dream of India,s future , then . The poems are in Punjabi . The first with Bhangra taal is purpotedly a letter in reply to an upper class friends expression of sympathy :-O, hun tay aa gaey haan ! :Laambay keekan rahiay !Hun tay aa gaey haan :Yaari taeree saadee koi nahin ;Aevaen taenu jhooth paey kahiay : Hun tay aa giay haan , lambay keekan rahiay ;Tera saada jut vaer da ay ; Eha rah milan da ay toray ;Saanun khabray ajay saar nahin ; Koee jit puri jit nahin ; Haar koee puri haar nahin ; Hun tay aa gaey haan , laambay keekan rahiay ;Hun tay aa gaey haan !Jee marnun mar jewnu koee bahar nahin , hun tay aa gaey haan ; Lambay keekan rahiay , hun tay aa gaey haan ! The second poem is more complex . It is imagining the thoughts of the Hero at the time of his death , his all seeing eye that made him what he was ! "Asaan vaekh laey aj raat bhalak jo avny hae !Hae hirkkh jeha toray na vekhan !Jinhan bhet nah bhalia kal tay aj di ghaat ander ; Oha bujhian battian baal suttay ! Asan vekh lia aj raat bhalak jo avna hae !

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