Tuesday, 23 March 2010

On Bhagat singh's distorted pictures in Govt. advertisements

Professor Chaman Lal Dated:--23rd March 2010


Centre of Indian Languages (SLL&CS)

Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi -110067

Media Release on distortion of Bhagat Singh face in Govt. Advertisements.

Shimla: It is extremely painful and shameful to know that both Central Govt. of India and state Govt. of Punjab have issued advertisement on 23rd March martyrdom day with the disfigured face of Bhagat Singh. In spite of the fact that I have been bringing this to the notice of President and Prime Minister of India and Chief Minister of Punjab many times through my email communications that both Governments are using a thoroughly distorted painting of Bhagat Singh’s face since decades, even the statues erected at hussainiwala and later at basing on that at Parliament complex have been distorted due to using this painting rather than the real pictures of Bhagat Singh, which are available. In spite of protests made by the family members of Bhagat Singh and scholars working on martyrs, both the Governments have shown utter insensitivity in this matter and continuing with their contemptuous treatment of martyr’s face, which has never been done in case of national leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Netaji Subhash Bose or Dr. Ambedkar.It is only with most respected martyr of the country and region that this insulting behavior is repeated every other day. For instance today’s papers carry Central Government advertisement with red turbaned painting picture of Bhagat Singh and state Government of Punjab carries yellow turbaned painting picture of the martyr. Fact of the matter is when four real photographs of Bhagat Singh are available, then why one of the original photographs is not being used. Most popular and the last photograph of Bhagat Singh wearing an English hat was taken on 4th April 1929 by Ramnath, a photographer at Kashmere gate Delhi. Both Governments to out do each other in communal politics use turbaned painting of the martyr. Even if someone wants to use turbaned photograph of Bhagat Singh, that is also available with the family and now with the whole world through internet. This photograph of Bhagat Singh is with white turban and white Kurta taken at National College Lahore. One photo is of eleven years with turban and another without turban, but with bound head hair taken at Lahore police station being interrogated in 1927. Any where in the world, only real photographs are used to focus upon their national or international heroes, paintings are used only in case when real photographs are not being available, so painters try their imagination to create the images, as in case of gods and goddesses or even Sikh Gurus, when camera was not available.

I appeal to fair minded people in the Government and outside not to treat this matter so lightly. In fact I have given the four real photograph card, along with my book ‘Jail Notebook and Other writings’ (Bhagat Singh) to honorable Chief Justice of India Justice K.G. Balakrishanan as well, when he came to inaugurate Supreme court exhibition ‘the Trial of Bhagat Singh’ in September 2007.I wish that if the governments do not pay any attention to this sensitive issue ,I request Hon’ble Courts to take sue motto notice of this statement and issue notices to state and central Governments. If some public spirited advocate wishes to file public interest petition, he or she should do it for this national cause.

Chaman Lal

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they will never show a hat wearing bhagat singh because thats not politically correct :)