Sunday, 29 November 2009

Leaves from revolutionary History-Punjabi

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m.bugi said...

TODAY IN HISTORY*13 th April 1919-----and we are HERE 2012-WITHOUT A SHADOW OF DOUBT TODAY IS THE DAY TO REMEMBER *****SHAHEED'S *****BUT TO ALSO REMEMBER THE DAY WHEN BLACK PASTE OF SLAVERY WAS PAINTED FREELY ON THE FACES OF OUR GRAND FATHERS,FAMILIES WOMEN AND CHILDREN OF the land called * BHARET,INDIA HINDUSTAN**-THE GOLDEN BIRD OF ASIA,The Jewel Called Mountain of Light In the British Crown-how come that in between 1919 and 1940 were no attempts to avenge the death of innocent un armed Civilians? those who were celebrating Besakhi,MELA,and were common people, at least they tried to throw away once and for all YOKE of Slavery,,,,and gave the Highest sacrifice of Their Lives,,,,,,,, After helping the British in the first World War and given commitments of FREEDOM* The British Empire still hung on to INDIA,Was it a lesson for other Common wealth Nations,No body stood against the British empire like the Zulos of South Africa why there was no TUMBLING Block effect on the rest of the empire after the I'ST World war,This is a question for Historians to decide,what caused the Suppression of So many years to BOIL OVER IN 1947-from Peshawar to Karachi to borders of Burma why was so much blood shed ,the answer is simple, EMOTION after suppression Boils over to immediate neighbor that's what happened in Balkans,within our life time,at least the Younger INTERNET Generation shows respect to us all, waiting for a CHANGE*But Today Belongs to a SHAHEED-and that's the main Cause of Me as an Artist Writing over SHAHEEDS,*(My Prays)to those who Parted, But My Salutes to a GREAT Hero who will make us Proud till ETERNITY*I here by Copy the text available on NET*a reminder of History so People of the sub continent Before you type an un worthy Comment on Other subcontinents Human Beings,Give sacrifices FIRST*of your own Supression and shy away from disrespect-to Other Nations, as your Own family members were asked to crawl on the floor after Jalian walas Incident, where ever the Colonial Masters got a chance to Humiliate Our Fore Fathers,and next to KIN-our Motto should be today, Dont shy away from the Past-Keep in Mind Sacrifices of People Like Udham Singh-,Bugiandassociates-----