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Regarding naming Central University of Bathinda as ‘Shaheed Bhagat Singh National University,Bathinda’

Location of National College Lahore(1922-26),where Bhagat Singh was a student. Photo-Chaman Lal-2007
Sh. Kapil Sibal
Minister for Human Resources Department
New Delhi

Subject: Regarding naming Central University of Bathinda as ‘Shaheed Bhagat Singh National University,Bathinda’

Hon’ble Minister Sh. Sibal,
  I wish to bring to your kind notice that when 15 Central Universities were being established in February, 2009, I had sent a mail from Mauritius (where I was on UGC assignment for few weeks) to Sh. Arjun Singh , then HRD minister requesting him with sound reasons to name Central University of Bathinda as ‘Shaheed Bhagat Singh National University. Though the University has been established and has started functioning also, I again wish to bring it to your notice that this University needs to be named after Bhagat Singh for the following reasons:
1. There are number of Universities in the country in the name of various popular leaders of national movement—Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Subhash Bose, B.R.Ambedkar,Sardar Patel and many more, but there is not a single University in the country in the name of Bhagat Singh-the icon of Indian youth and one of the most popular national heroes of freedom struggle. With my consistent campaign, first ever Bhagat Singh chair was established in JNU during Bhagat Singh birth centenary, in which Sh. Shashi Bhushan, ex MP and influential member of National programme implementation committee on national anniversaries functioning under the chairmanship of your predecessor Sh. Arjun Singh. However no University till date has been named after Bhagat Singh. There is a dire need to correct it by naming Central University in Punjab after his name.
2. During freedom struggle, National College Lahore ,established by Lala Lajpat Rai in 1922, on the pattern of Kashi Vidyapeeth, Varanasi and Gujrat Vidyapeeth Ahmedabad, established by Mahatma Gandhi as part of freedom movement, being parallel centers of higher education, played a major role in shaping Bhagat Singh and hundreds of other youth towards freedom struggle. Lala Lajpat Rai was Chancellor of this college, Bhai Permanad was Vice Chancellor and Acharya Jugal Kishre was the first Principal. Principal Chhabil Das was 2nd and last Principal of college. Bhagat Singh was student of this college, being run from Bradlaugh Hall, headquarter of freedom movement as well as of Punjab Congress party. Central University of Punjab should inculcate some values of this college and to incorporate that tradition of patriotic training, this University should be named as Shaheed Bhagat Singh National University, on the pattern of ‘Maulana Azad National Urdu University Hyderabad’, the word National here would include the spirit of National College Lahore.
3. Being yourself from Punjab and from an illustrious family of advocates, you must have heard first hand stories of freedom struggle and Bhagat Singh inside your home itself. One can expect more attention in this regard from your person. Keeping in view the Khalistani type movements in Punjab in recent past, it is all the more necessary to orient Punjab youth towards the scientific and rational personality of Bhagat Singh and his ideas. In fact this University should build up an archive and special department to study national movements in undivided Punjab, of which Bhagat Singh was a most illustrious product. The naming of University after Bhagat Singh will go long way in this direction.
4.To make the University popular not only among Punjab students, for rather students all over India and even in South Asia, the name Shaheed Bhagat Singh National University will certainly be more attractive. Followed by equally rigorous academic standards, it can even become another brand name like JNU.
  There are certain matters relating to Bhagat Singh Chair sanctioned to JNU on my proposal, but that needs a separate communication, here I would end by making a fervent appeal to you to take steps in this very session of Parliament to name Central University of Punjab as ‘Shaeed Bhagat Singh National University ,Bathinda’
  I can assure you sir, that this proposal to name University after Bhagat Singh will get widest support, rather unanimous support in Parliament. I hope this request will receive your most urgent attention.
With sincere regards,

Chaman Lal
P.S. My publications and lectures on Bhagat Singh for your kind perusal are given below
  Publications: Books
  History- On Bhagat Singh & other revolutionaries
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Forthcoming in this series (i) Understanding Bhagat Singh (ii) Bhagat Singh Reader (Ed.) (iii) Ghadar Party Hero Kartar Singh Sarabha (All English)
  Delivered more than forty special lectures on Bhagat Singh, including thirty lectures during 2006-08, all over the country:
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  Earlier Lectures on Bhagat Singh(1989-2006)
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