Thursday, 24 January 2008

Bhagat Singh Execution Controversy

This is in reference to reports/features/articles published in some English& Hindi dailies about Martyr Bhagat Singh, which implied or explicitly stated that martyrs were taken away from the gallows before being fully dead and shot dead by the orders of jail authorities at that time. Though this story put forward by an unknown author Kooner, had been rebutted by all those concerned and related to Bhagat Singh or his tradition like- Jagmohan Singh ,nephew of Bhagat Singh, Malwinderjit Singh Waraich,An Advocate and historian of revolutionary freedom movements, Kuldip Nayar,biographer of martyr and myself, as editor of martyr’s complete documents in Hindi, yet I was in search of an authentic document, so that this kind of sensationalism to hog media limelight is not repeated again. I have found this document in the book edited by Sh. Shiv Verma, close associate of Bhagat Singh and a life convict in the same Lahore Conspiracy Case in which Bhagat Singh was hanged. Shiv Verma was also co-prisoner of Bhagat Singh in jail and he has included in his book both the Execution warrant issued by the special tribunal on 7th October 1930,as well as the certificate issued by the Superintendent of the Jail on26th March 1931, which reads as followed by:

“ I hereby certify that the sentence of death passed on Bhagat Singh(name of the martyr is handwritten in otherwise typed certificate) has been duly executed, and that the said Bhagat Singh(again handwritten) was accordingly hanged by the neck till he was dead, at Lahore C. Jail(handwritten) on Monday(handwritten) the 23rd(handwritten) day of march(handwritten 1931 at 7.p.m.(inserted handwritten) that the body remained suspended for a full hour, and was not taken down until life was ascertained by a medical officer to be extinct, error or other misadventure occurred.


Superintendent of the Jail


vijay gaur said...

आपकि पर्तिबधतअ से सिख्न चाहिये. भगत सिन्ग पर आप्ने अप्ने ब्लोग को केन्द्रित कियअ. बहुत बहुत बधाइ.

manjula said...

आपने बहुत अच्‍छा काम किया. बधाई आपको

ujwal said...

Iam proud to be born as an Indian and I would die as an Indian.

If there is a next bith I would be born as an Indian and only an Indian.

ujwal said...

Iam sad that I was not born when Bhagat was alive.I would have certainly died along with him to achieve content in death.

He wo dies in the service of motherland is a real hero

Saleem Khan said...

Mohammad Ali Jinnah made no secret of his sympathies for Indian freedom fighters — Bhagat Singh and others in the Lahore prison — even though their politics and his were poles apart.

Jinnah went to the extent of defending Bhagat Singh in his speech in the Central Assembly on September 12, 1929. He held Bhagat Singh and his comrades in high esteem, says The Trial of Bhagat Singh — Politics of Justice by A.G. Noorani, Supreme Court advocate.

Mr. Noorani says Jinnah made no secret of his sympathies for the Lahore prisoners. On the hunger strike by prisoners in Lahore jail, Jinnah said "the man who goes on hunger strike has a soul. He is moved by that soul, and he believes in the justice of his cause. He is no ordinary criminal, who is guilty of cold blooded, sordid wicked crime."

"... I do not approve of the action of Bhagat Singh... I regret that rightly or wrongly the youth of today is stirred up... however much you deplore them and however much you say they are misguided, it is the system, this damnable system of governance, which is resented by the people,'' Jinnah remarked. The House was adjourned but Jinnah continued his speech in the next sitting and pointed out the anomalies that would arise if the trial of Bhagat Singh and others would proceed in their absence.

vivek said...

Thanks for sharing such an important information

Vinod said...

He was Our Real Hero

Vinod said...

In My life I have one regret from God ..Why I was not with Bhagat Singh

Vinod said...

I always Cries when I read Bhagat Singh Stories & Movies, Beacause Nobody know this thing like what is the role of our Current Siciety For Bhagat singh's Brother's Death. When we Know this thing than I can say with My Gut Feeling Like everyone will Shocked Like this was the end of life of Bhagat Singh Brother's "They died due to hunger. they don't have food to eat....
So guy's what are you thinking right now See this is the reality of our Country........

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for letting us know a bit more about our beloved Freedom fighters .

Whatever Gandhi ji had done was uncalled, I had never rated Mr Gandhi as our Messiah(which many politicians rate). Mr Gandhi surely had done some good stuffs for our country but in the end he showed what he actually was! Yeah really,you have to believe it. He never supported Bhagat Singh and his ideas , that's why in the end he wasn't in any mood to stop the death sentence of our great freedom fighters, though the whole world knows that gandhi ji was the only one can stop those devils.... :( (well its totally my thoughts)

We need to think about our beloved Freedom Fighters thoughts, their wishes, their unfulfilled dreams,one can get the idea of their wishes by putting himself in their place.. As far as I think, All of our great fighters wished a secular democratic country, Where no one will treated differently from another.

But hell NO!! our Politicians(some) and Terrorists are still trying to divide Hindu Muslims just because of there own benefits, and moreover some are creating the difference on the basis of regional language( ex in mumbai) yep, its still going on,Don't you know????. Why we aren't willing to learn our mistakes from our past??? That time some forces created the differences b/w us but whats the deal now??? If hindu muslims will fight like this then soon the countries like China and Taliban will attack on both India and Pakistan after studying our mentally distress positions(firstly they will make India and Pakistan fight and suddenly they'll get into the fight themselves), yes, And you know what, I want that may both Taliban and China attack at India Pakistan at the same time.Shocked?? Well unfortunately that's the only way I can think of to let the blind politicians and peoples know that India and Pakistan's goodwill lies in the unity. India and Pakistan can do everything if they come closer. Well nobody in the South Asia want it,because if that will happen, we gonna dominate the whole Asia (and the countries like America and China cant bear the power in others hand)
Indian Youths and Pakistan Youth must think about our origin, even the Bangladeshis, We all belong together ...
Yes,We belong together....

Happy Independence day to you all

Lets show the world what we are, lets forget all mistakes of one another and hold each other hands..
lets continue loving our culture,our traditional dresses and our national language..

Do me a favor guys, agar ek dharm ka banda kisi dusrey dharam ke bandey ke sath galat karta hai to uski poori kom ko galat naa samjho.. :(
I know deep down we all love each other.
Lets set an example infront of world that we are reformed,by cutting out the mistakes we made earlier. lets do it.

In the end I would like to say:-
Humko fikar nahi ki is zamaney mai kon hai hamara dushman,
ya khuda, bus itna bata de hamarey sath kon hai... :')

love you all.

best wishes from
Inqalab Zindabad!!!

(thaak gai likhtey likhtey :P :D :) lol)

Professor Chaman Lal said...

Thanks for your appreciation

Anonymous said...

But from time to time I have be stricken to feel that the fit world is an problem, a innocuous poser that is made hideous not later than our own mad effort to simplify it as allowing it had an underlying truth.

Anonymous said...

Hi Iam Prabhu from chennai,joined today in this forum... :)